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The Lubavitcher Rabbi's Memories

The Lubavitcher Rabbi’s Memoirs, from the prolific pen of the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn, is an inspiring collection of Chassidic lore and learning with anecdotes and historical annotations.

Figures from the past – scholars and cobblers, the simple and the giants of spirit - rise before our eyes with their whole-hearted dedication to Torah and chassidus, as their lives serve to inspire in the present.

From the vibrant pages of his memoirs, the Frierdiker Rebbe succeeds in instilling in the reader a love for and a dedication to our fellow Jew and to Torah true Judaism.

The original Memoirs, written by the Rebbe in Hebrew, was subsequently translated to Yiddish by Mr. Meckler and at the same time to English by Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel. The English rendition, in its lucid and easy to read style, manages to retain the warmth and character of the original text. 


The Frierdiker Rebbe writes to Nissan Mindel expressing his pleasure that Rabbi  Mindel's Wife agreed to transalate The Memoirs to English.

Also - his plan that the Memoirs both Yiddish (by Mekler) & English (by Mindel) should cover the story up to the time of Chai Elul, birth of the Alter Rebbe R' Schneur Zalman. The story of R' Schneur Zalman should be done in a book of its own. (which Rabbi Mindel did a few years later)

The Frierdiker Rebbe writes of his pleassure in seeing his Memoirs translated & gives Rabbi Mindel the rights to the English Memoirs for which he wants to pay with his personnal funds.