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Chabad in America Through the Folders of Nissan Mindel

Chabad in America Through the Folders of Nissan Mindel is a unique book with unprecedented scope, affording the reader a glimpse into the activities, letters and literature of the Chabad Rabbeim, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchaok Schneerson and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson and the many personalities and events which they affected and shaped.

The folders from which the material was gleaned are those of Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel,  who served the Rabbeim as personal secretary responsible for their correspondence, as their emissary on countless missions and as prolific writer of Chassidic literature for young and old.

Rabbi Mindel accurately recorded, documented and preserved much of the history of Chabad in America from its very inception in 1940 and for the next several decades, a person who merited both a professional and personal connection with the Rabbeim.

The book contains original documents, letters, articles and photos that shed light on the founding of Chabad in America and its subsequent growth into the Chabad of world renown which so many have come to respect and love.

Volume I  includes the folders:  Frierdiker Rebbe, Yehuda Stulman, Talks and Tales & Shmuessen, Tanya, Letters and Books in the Making and Rabbi Mindel’s Letters and Articles and is scheduled to be published by the summer of 5773/2013.

Volume II includes: the Rebbe’s Tzavo’o/Will, Merkos, Machane and Aguch, Seven Noachide Laws, Chabad in Politics, Trip to Russia  for the Library, Dignitaries, Vaad Ha’mosifin,  more of Letters and Books in the Making and more of Rabbi Mindel’s Letters and Talks, with projected publication to follow within a few months of Volume One.

This is a book with universal appeal, certain to touch the heart and inspire the soul.