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The Rebbe's letter of blessing and encouragement to President Reagan

On the occasion of the swearing in of the new president of the USA - we present a timely message of the Rebbe to president Reagen - blessings and a message as relevant today as it was a few decades ago. The words of the righteous  are indeed everlasting.



By the Grace of G-d

                                                                                                                                      12 Nissan, 5745

                                                                                                                                      Brooklyn, N.Y.

President Ronald Reagan

The White House

Washington, D.C.


Greeting and Blessing:

I am immensely impressed with your letter and deeply appreciative of your most generous sentiments. I welcome your encouraging remarks particularly as a tribute to the Chabad –Lubavvitch movement, which I am honored and privileged to head, and which has found such fertile soil since its Headquarters was  transferred to the USA forty five years ago, where it has thrived and developed at an unprecedented pace in its 200 year history.

In the name, therefore, of our movement no less than in my personal name, I extend to you Mr. President and to the First Lady a heartfelt “thank you.”

I sincerely reciprocate your good wishes in the words of our Sages: “Whoever blesses others is blessed by G-d Himself, the Source of all blessings.” May G-d continue to bestow His generous blessings on you and all yours – which includes all of us who are privileged to live in this blessed land, so generously favored with an abundance of blessings, materially and spiritually, as to giving it an extraordinary historic role to lead the world, particularly in these sadly confused times, when scientific and technological advancement has outpaced moral and spiritual advancement.

You, Mr. President, have consistently and vigorously worked to bridge the said gap, which is so necessary for the achievement of the proper balance and harmony between might and right. I believe, Mr. President that these efforts and notable success you have attained in this direction, will surely rank among your highest historic achievements.  

With prayerful wishes for your continued success in carrying out the awesome responsibilities of your most exalted Office in good health and prosperity, with joy and gladness of heart and in all respects – “going form strength to strength” (Psalms 84:8),

                                                                                   Cordially and

                                                                                   With esteem and blessing,      




When will my master come?


In Honor of the 19th of Kislev, New Year of Chassidus


We present the Rebbe's letter that  explains the answer which moshiach gave the Baal Shem Tov to his question "When will my master come?"  The answer points to the critical importance of Chassidus, and Chabad chassidus in particular, in bringing the world to its ultimate completion.


                                                                                                                            By the Grace of G-d

                                                                                                                            28th of Teveth, 5726

                                                                                                                            Brooklyn, N.Y.


Scranton, Pa.

Shalom uBrocho:

   This is in reply to your letter, the delay being due to a backlog of correspondence.  

   You ask - what is the meaning of the Baal Shem Tov’s words aimosai kossi mar/when will the master come? and what is the interpretation of this in regard to Chabad Chasidus?

   The meaning of the first part of the question is simply “When will the master (Moshiach) come?” In other words, “What could be done to speed up your coming?”

   To this, Moshiach answered – and this is the answer to the second part of your question: “When your fountains will be spread forth abroad (literally, ‘outside’)/lich’she’yofutzoo ma’ayonossecho chootzo.

    The meaning of those words is that Moshiach promised to come when the fountains of the Baal Shem Tov’s teachings, i.e. the life-giving teachings of Chasidus, will be spread far and wide among the Jewish people, even among those who are as yet “outside” and removed from Torah and mitzvos.

   In other words, Chasidus is the way which has been revealed by the Baal Shem Tov not only to bring life and vitality into the observance of Yidishkeit among the observant , but it has the power also to bring back into the Jewish fold those who for various reasons have been brought up in total ignorance of the Torah and mitzvos.

   Why is it that Chasidus has such power to inspire and infuse and illuminate a Jew’s heart and soul? This is connected with the very nature and teachings of Chasidus, which cannot here be discussed; we can only say, Go and study it for yourself. One quality may be mentioned here briefly: Chasidus, with its emphasis on love of G-d, love of the Torah and love of fellow-Jew, touches the innermost fibers of the Jewish soul, in which these qualities are already there from birth; hence it finds a ready response. In Chabad the teachings of Chasidus are expounded and explained systematically and deeply, in a way that appeals both to the heart and mind, bringing both into true harmony. Chabad therefore has a particular appeal also to the individual with a bent for deeper thinking. Nevertheless, the emphasis is always on the actual deed, the practice and fulfillment of the mitzvos, which is the first step on the journey into Chasidus, as into Yiddishkeit in general, since, as Chabad explains at length, the very act of a mitzvah unites the Jew with G-d and enables him, the Jew, to break though the barrier of his otherwise finite and limited mind (as every human brain has its natural limitations), opening up new horizons and insights, many of which have been revealed in Chasidus in general and in Chabad Chasidus in particular.

                                                                            With blessings,




A New Beginning


With the start of a new year we begin the Torah reading from "the beginning" Bereishis - with the creation of the world. The letter of the Rebbe we present, refers to the Zohar describing the movement of the sphere of the earth.


Mr. ________

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Greeting and Blessing:


    I am in receipt of your letter, in which you ask for an explanation of the Gemara in Pesachim 94b, regarding the statement, “During the day the sun travels under the firmament, and during the night above the firmament, etc.” You also wish to be enlightened on the Gemara in B.B. 25a, and how it can be reconciled with the fact that the earth is a sphere, as stated in Tosefot in Avoda Zara, based on the Jerushalmi.

    In reply, please refer to Zohar, part III, 10a, where we find the following statement:

“The earth turns about like a ball, now this side up, now down; and all creatures differ from each other because of different climatic conditions. There are places on this earth where it is light, while it is dark in other places; day here, and night there. There is a place where there is one long day, and where night comes only once in a while for a short time.”

The Zohar thus clearly states both the facts: that the earth is a sphere, and that it turns around in its own axis.

As the Talmudic passages mentioned above, various commentators have dealt with them, of whom I would recommend to you, as the most easily accessible, Be’er Hagolah, Be’er 6, by Maharal  of Prague and also the ReMO in his “Torath Ha’oloh”, part I, chapter 2 , where the Gemara is explained.


With Blessing,


Jews of The Ukraine

Here is a fascinating letter to the author of a book about Ukraine, a Ukrainian Jewish socialist. The Rebbe raises points which underline timely and timeless lessons.



                                                                                                                                                By the Grace of G-d                 

                                                                                                                                               Chanukah, 5737

                                                                                                                                               Brooklyn, N, Y.


Denver, Colo. 80221

Greeting and Blessing:

I was pleased to receive your book, which you were good enough to send me at the suggestion of our mutual friend, Prof.

Needless to say, your book evoked memories of my birthplace, the Ukraine, which is no doubt also your native land. And though I left it years after the Revolution, I vividly recall those turbulent rears. For this reason I took time out of my busy schedule to look through your book though the subject is not my field. May I commend you on the effort which you put into the said work.   

I trust you will not mind my making several observations in passing.

Re Bibliography - almost all the titles are given in Ukrainian, though many of the cited reference texts were surely written in other languages as evidenced also from the first section of the book. It would have made it easier for readers and students to see the titles in their original languages.    

A further point. I should have hoped that a prominent Ukrainian Jewish socialist had written on the attitude of the Ukrainian socialists to Jews, or, at any rate, to Jewish socialists. However, from his brief biography it would seem that he had nothing to say on this question. As I recall it was a painful let down and disappointment when quite a number of Ukrainian socialists appeared as active participants in the dreadful pogroms.